Current students

Rongqian Zhang (PhD student, 2021-present)

I am a Ph.D. student in the Department of Statistical Sciences at the University of Toronto, supervised by Jun Young Park. I earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Economical Statistics from the Renmin University of China and a Master’s Degree in Applied Statistics from the University of Michigan. My research interests are high-dimensional data, spatial statistics and neuroimaging data analysis.

Yuan Tian (PhD student, 2021-present)

After studying Statistics at the Pennsylvania State University and the University of California, Santa Barbara, I joined the Statistical Genetics team at Ambry Genetics, a commercial genetic testing lab. There, I gained hands-on experience with real-world clinical and genetics data. To further build my expertise in Statistical Genetics and Biostatistics, I am drawn to learn more, striving to work with my supervisors, Prof. Park and Prof. Gronsbell, at the forefront of discovery and implementation in ways only available in academia.

Ruyi Pan (PhD student, 2022-present)

Linxi Chen (undergraduate researcher (2022))

Zhengdan Li (undergraduate researcher (2022))

Former students

Xiaoli Yang (undergraduate RA (2021)) Currently a MS Statistics/Data Science student at Stanford.