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  1. Bidimensional linked matrix factorization for pan-omics pan-cancer analysis
    Lock, Eric F, Park, Jun Young, and Hoadley, Katherine A
    The Annals of Applied Statistics 2022
  2. CLEAN: Leveraging spatial autocorrelation in neuroimaging data in clusterwise inference
    Park, Jun Young, and Fiecas, Mark
    Neuroimage 2022
  3. Spatially-enhanced clusterwise inference for testing and localizing intermodal correspondence
    Weinstein, Sarah M, Vandekar, Simon N, Baller, Erica B, Tu, Danni, Adebimpe, Azeez, Tapera, Tinashe M, Gur, Ruben C, Gur, Raquel E, Detre, John A, Raznahan, Armin, Alexander-Bloch, Aaron F, Satterthwaite, Theodore D, Shinohara, Russell T, and Park, Jun Young
    bioRxiv 2022


  1. Permutation-based inference for spatially localized signals in longitudinal MRI data
    Park, Jun Young, and Fiecas, Mark
    NeuroImage 2021
  2. Single voxel autocorrelation uncovers gradients of temporal dynamics in the hippocampus and entorhinal cortex during rest and navigation
    Bouffard, Nichole R, Golestani, Ali, Brunec, Iva K, Bellana, Buddhika, Park, Jun Young, Barense, Morgan D, and Moscovitch, Morris
    bioRxiv 2021


  1. Integrative factorization of bidimensionally linked matrices
    Park, Jun Young, and Lock, Eric F
    Biometrics 2020
  2. Semiparametric modeling of time-varying activation and connectivity in task-based fMRI data
    Park, Jun Young, Polzehl, Joerg, Chatterjee, Snigdhansu, Brechmann, André, and Fiecas, Mark
    Computational Statistics & Data Analysis 2020


  1. Adaptive SNP-set association testing in generalized linear mixed models with application to family studies
    Park, Jun Young, Wu, Chong, Basu, Saonli, McGue, Matt, and Pan, Wei
    Behavior genetics 2018
  2. An adaptive gene-based test for methylation data
    Wu, Chong, Park, Jun Young, Guan, Weihua, and Pan, Wei
    In BMC proceedings 2018
  3. An adaptive gene-level association test for pedigree data
    Park, Jun Young, Wu, Chong, and Pan, Wei
    BMC genetics 2018